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Rewinding Coils

Rewinding Services Include:

DC Motors | Electric Motors | Single Phase | 3 Phase | Coils | Brake Clutch & Solenoid Coils | Pool Pumps | Submersible Pumps

We enjoy exhibiting to our customers our resourcefulness and skills to find solutions to problematic motor situations.  We really get a charge out of the contest. Our teams competence can repair or find a motor, pump, driveshaft, generator or varied parts and we can not only find what the clients needs but we can also accommodate a situation that can be an asset to our customers.

Coils | Brake Clutch & Solenoid Coils | Pool Pumps | Submersible Pumps

Ronoco Enterprises provide a professional repair electric motors and electric motor rewinds.

  • DC Motors
  • Electric Motors
  • Single phase
  • 3 phase
  • Coils
  • Break, clutch and salinoide coils.
  • Pool pumps
  • Submersible pumps.

All aspects of electrical windings from small Solenoid coilsDC drive motors and pumps to large AC Motors, both Singleor 3 Phase motors and Submersible pumps, borehole pumps and water pumps for industry.

Ronoco Enterprises provides a fast turn around on all repairs for non standard or special applications.

We repair electric motors as well as sell new ones, this means we can advise what you need and why.
We will test and report on your old motor before we sell you a new one.

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